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When you take those final steps across the graduation stage, we want you to stay in Boston. Whether you’ll start your own company or work in our innovation economy, we have something to get you engaged and building roots while you’re still a student.

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Innovation Economy Outlook

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Each year, Silicon Valley Bank surveys innovative companies of all types and sizes to uncover the health of various tech sectors and public policy factors affecting specific industries. Your input will help SVB represent the voice and advocate for the innovation sector at large with policy makers, investors and the public. Take the survey today.

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The Capital Network 

What’s it Worth, Ask the Investor

December 16 8:30am – 10:30am

One of the first questions people ask when they start down the path of investment is “what is my company worth?” There are many ways to come to this answer, and the investors have their own way of looking at it.
Join us for a hands-on case study of valuing companies from the investor perspective. Is the goal really for the highest investment possible? What’s the smartest way to approach your valuation as you inject capital into your business?

Gail Hoffman – Golden Seeds
Bob Gervis – Launchpad Venture Group

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The Greenhorn Connect Team

Meredith Sandiford

Executive Director, The Capital Network

Molly Fohn

Program Director, The Capital Network

Eric Pasinski

Director of Events, Greenhorn Connect

Shann Chan

BU Intern, Greenhorn Connect

Diep Nguyen

BU Intern, Greenhorn Connect

Sonia Su

BU Intern, Greenhorn Connect

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