6 Reasons to be Excited About Boston this Spring

Can you feel it? There's a real buzz in the air coming together around some of the amazing things happening in the Boston startup scene these days. We've had a lot of cool things happening over the last year or so, but now there's just an incredible amount that seems to be all happening in a short amount of time.  To put it in perspective, here's 6 Reasons to Be Excited About Boston this Spring.

6 Reasons to be Excited About Boston this Spring


1) RubyRiot + Founder's Mentors

It all started with a tweet... Matt Lauzon, CEO of Gemvara, tweeted a few weeks ago that Boston needs a cool party where everyone helps each other. With the magic of Twitter he soon had a name and people so desperate to not be left out that they paid $1,000 to sponsor the event just to find out the details (which weren't set yet).

While that's a cool story, what RubyRiot has become is even greater.  Matt has now teamed up with Founder's Mentors to get some great veterans out for the event and there's even rumor of the mayor and a former Patriot's player stopping by. This is going to be a party that everyone will remember and will leave a lasting impression because of not just the party itself, but the lasting impact from the new connections that will be made.

2) Playtime Party II

Jennifer Lum threw a great holiday party in December that saw everyone young and old, entrepreneur and investor, come out to grab a few drinks.  It was a great party that had startupers staying out well past their bed time (on a weeknight no less!) and making invaluable connections.  Unlike most Hollywood Sequels, I guarantee this won't be a letdown. Expect this to be more Terminator 2 than Predator 2.

3) DartBoston/TechStars Demo Day

The DartBoston of old is sadly a relic of a time past by that used to have tons of young entrepreneurs gather to share ideas and feed off each other's energy.  Like a Phoenix, DartBoston has risen from the ashes to be something even greater. I can't share details, but I can tell you the DartBoston party after demo day is going to be amazing.

More importantly, we need to kick some New York butt. At their demo day, they had 750 people come out.  Boston is bigger, badder and better. I know we can get *at least* 751 people out for this, so mark your calendars for June 15th and get ready to get excited about 10 awesome TechStars teams and yet another reason to connect with all the other great entrepreneurs in Boston.

4) RamenCamp

With all these parties, you may think this is just telling you to go out and party more. That's really important, but in the end the reason for partying is to build the connections that will make your startup stronger either through recruiting new talent or meeting new mentors, angels and experienced peers. 

This is where RamenCamp steps in. Jeff Seibert, Josh Bob, Kabir Hemrajani and myself realized there was too much talk about investment and not enough about the nuts and bolts of building your startup.  So, in true entrepreneur fashion, we built this event to solve that problem. We have incredible, local entrepreneurs coming and sharing awesome lessons about how to roll up your sleeves and bootstrap your business to success. These are stories you won't hear elsewhere.  We've also negotiated great deals on *seven* different tools to help get your startup going. We're almost sold out, so get your ticket now or regret it!

5) Angel Funding Coming Together

One of the luxuries of being "Greenhorn" is staying on the pulse of a lot of what's happening in our startup community. I can tell you that I've never heard so much buzz around angel activity as I have the past couple of weeks. There are quite a few companies and founders that we all know and love that are going to be closing funding soon. Look for announcements...it's going to be exciting. 

To add to the angel fun, Jon Pierce's Angel Bootcamp is coming back for a sequel as well this June...the day before TechStars demo day.  They're improving on last year's model and hoping to build on the momentum from the event that helped create great new angels like Jennifer Lum, Ty Danco and Roy Rodenstein last year.  This is the best time to be showing traction in your startup and using that to raise money to take your company to the next level in quite some time in Boston. 

6) More Companies & Growing!

With all this funding, you have tons of growth in Boston. Here on Greenhorn Connect, we've seen it all grow at a crazy rate, whether it be increased interest in our site, or an explosion of job postings on our job board.  

Gemvara has tons of open positions and are moving to the South Station area very soon, while word is Communispace will also soon be joining them.  I've also heard quite a few other companies are shopping around for new space (hint: everyone loves exposed brick + windows :D) and are soon to be hiring like crazy too. 


Whether you're a founder, startup employee, angel or just aspiring entrepreneur, this is an amazing time in Boston. I've actually heard some people that are travelling or moving that they feel bad they won't be around for all this. 

Consider it official: Boston has it's groove back. 


Good stuff!

I'll be @ Ruby Riot and Ramencamp. I'm so happy to live near Boston where there is so much fantastic startup support!