Welcome Will Cox- Director of Events and Business Development

will coxThe Boston startup community is home to some of the world’s greatest thinkers and innovators. As I’ve been navigating the scene, I’ve come to appreciate the pleasant subtleties and resources this community has to offer. I’ve been telling my friends about my experiences and have inspired one of my best to jump into the scene full throttle. It’s my pleasure to announce the newest Greenhorn Connect Director of Events and Business Development, William Cox. Please get to know him better and expect great things from his hard work and humility. I asked Will a few questions to introduce him to the Boston startup community. Read on to meet William Cox, Greenhorn Connect's Director of Events and Business Development.




Introduce yourself...where do you go to school and what’s your major?

I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and headed out east just as everyone out east seemed to head towards Portland.  I moved here to study at Boston University and have just completed my degree in Marketing Management.  During my 4 years at BU, I served as President of the Fashion and Retail Association and worked heavily in the Community Service Center.  The Northeast has provided me a new set of challenges and has taught this West Coast kid a new way of life.

How did you find out about the startup ecosystem in Boston?

I was first introduced to the scene through Paul, who I have been friends with since Freshman year, after doing some freelance design work for his events.  I am still very new to the Boston start-up scene but can already tell it’s a world with exciting challenges.  The amount of energy and willingness to take risks here definitely makes for a breeding ground of innovation.  I am looking forward to learning from my time at Greenhorn and increasing the accessibility of those looking to enter the Boston start-up scene.

What has your startup experience been like thus far in life?
I started my first company as a Junior in high school making streetwear t-shirts and selling them around Portland.  The company grew to four employees (3 artists and myself) by the time high school was over.  I took the business with me after leaving for Boston and began receiving attention in the university community.  The company was featured in a fashion show and profiled in two magazines including Boston Magazine’s Winter Style section.  After 3 years in business we decided to shut down operation and focus on school, but however sad, the company proved to be my best business teacher thus far.  

Why are you interested in joining a startup after college as opposed to a more established company?
I’ve realized, after working in larger businesses, that there is nothing like hustling out of a backpack.  Getting involved in the startup world seems like the best choice to prepare for running my own business down the road.  In the future I would like to get involved in my passion, Social Enterprise, because making a living is great but making a living to help society would be even better.

What do you hope to accomplish in your role with Greenhorn Connect?
After spending a lot of time on the fringe of the Boston start up community I’ve realized that there are so many people out there with great ideas who just don’t know how to get their business started.  In my time at Greenhorn Connect, I would like demystify the start up world to those dreamers and empower them to get involved.  Whether it is providing connections to existing companies for relevant job experience or building a support network to start a new project, I want to provide the start up fringe with the ability to start their own hustle.

How can people get in touch with you?
You can contact me at will@greenhornconnect.com or find me on Linkedin and Twitter. I am excited to get started and help the Boston startup community grow.