Why We Need a CloudDay in Boston


It seems like we in Boston are saturated with networking events for the tech world—which is a good thing. From RubyRiot to TechStars Demo Day to all the great nightly events, we’re doing something exciting every evening as a community, it seems.

So why another unconference, especially one as seriously die-hard as one dedicated entirely to cloud infrastructure? Because at heart, it’s one thing that ties us all together. Whether you’re a mobile app or a great new video platform, pretty much everything exciting that’s happening in Boston is cloud-based technology. It’s the one thing that brings together enterprise and consumer, mobile and web, developers and corporate IT teams. And it’s a chance to seriously connect on the common platform of an unconference on the tectonic change that has made our ecosystem possible. It’s a place for everybody seriously interested in enterprise IT, from in-house teams to the companies selling in to them, to get together on common ground.

We have a lot of great events in Boston, but fewer are focused on the ecosystems our startups fit into in a way that brings the larger players into the same room as the startups on a level playing field. Consumer apps are great, but we’re also seeing fewer events that support companies focused on the enterprise and B2B—which is where a lot of us are. By bringing the startup community together to focus on the single largest trend in enterprise technology, cloud, we’re opening up a lot of small companies to the larger world, and providing another forum for those of us who are enterprise-focused.

Bringing the new and exciting to the corporate world can be a challenge, and so for this kickoff year, we’re addressing just that challenge—the perception that cloud apps are less secure, that social technologies are dangerous, and that consumerization is a bad thing. We’ll look at those perceptions and find out how app developers can secure strong buy-in for their new products, and how IT teams can manage the diverse cloud app world. We’ll have top speakers from around the cloud ecosystem sharing their stories, including Kinvey, Enterprise CIO Forum, and Ingate Systems. 

I’m honored to collaborate with John Treadway, longtime organizer of CloudCamp, to combine CloudCamp with CloudDay and bring a full 8 hours (if you include the afterparty) of cloud goodness to Boston. Make a day of it on the 12th and join us at 12 noon at Bentley University for CloudDay. To sign up, visit: http://cloudaybos2013.eventbrite.com/


About the Author: Christina Inge is the Senior Marketing Director for eZuce, an Andover-based communications and collaboration software startup (www.eZuce.com), and chairs the conference committee for CoLab, the open-source collaboration software conference (www.CoLabConference.com). She's also the organizer of the Incubators Expo and Startup Open Mic Night. She's a digital strategist, open source evangelist, and winner of the Social Media Stars 2011 award. 

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