The internship debate: Paid or Unpaid? Which side are you on?

When managed properly interns can be a great asset to an organization during the summer or school year. They can be hard working, diligent and come with enough aptitude or basic skills to learn on the job.  But they also have relatively no experience and if you rely on them too much you’ll miss them in your business when their term ends.

Considering the pros and cons of hiring interns there is also the question of resources. Do you have enough to pay them, and if so would you?

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Stop Dreaming

They get left on your nightstand, in the shower, and on the Red line.  Dreams, the surplus of any good entrepreneur, are cast aside daily for the sake of a busy schedule. Its time for that to change.  Boston has 15 startup networking events and office hours to help you take back a few dreams and make them anything but. 

The Boston Startup Bucket List: 10 Things you have to do as an Entrepreneur

1. Hear Bill Warner’s "Startup from the Heart"- Bill Warner, affectionately known by some as ‘The Godfather of Boston Startups’ gives an amazing talk about how you should build a business with true intentions that everyone should hear.

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Team Up or Shut Up

High powered startups don't rest on the shoulders of one person. It takes a group of diverse, driven and relentless people to form an investment worthy team. Boston has 26 startup networking events and office hours to help you uncover the minds that will compliment your skills and get your great idea off the ground.

Where them coffee shops at?

There are 3 ingredients to a successful startup environment: venture capital, entrepreneurial density and coffee shops. Imagine how many businesses were started, partnerships forged and spontaneous connections made at local coffee shops in our innovation hubs? Now that startups several startups are moving out of Kendall Square and by areas like Terrible Row we can only ask - where them coffee shops at?

Paint Your Startup Masterpiece

Success takes sweat, sleepless nights and a touch of luck. Some find it, others do not. But behind any success story lies the common theme of people who accepted the unknown and took a chance. Boston has 36 startup networking events and office hours to help you find the risks you need to take.


4 Events Newcomers Must Attend in Boston

Ok, so you just arrived in Boston and are eager to jump into the startup community but don’t know where to start. Here are four events that you just can’t miss, especially as a newcomer to the startup community:

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Successful Startups
Like it Hot

The thermometer is rising, the August air is stifling and if you're not sweating yet, then you aren't working hard enough. As the summer nears its end, will your company push through the pain and make it to the fall? Boston has27 startup networking events and office hours to help your statup heat things up.

Guide: Getting A Startup Job in Boston

With The Boston Startup School Expose today and friends that are recent graduates asking about employment any advice on how best to navigate the Boston tech job market would be really appreciated by them. So I outlined a process that worked for me after being suggested to it by local entrepreneurs and hiring managers.

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Start Training for Entrepreneurship Gold 

Do you need to implement with Usain Bolt's speed? Could you use some help building your Dream Team? Boston has 23 startup networking events and office hours to light your startup flame.

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