Lessons Learned from Angel Bootcamp

Yesterday was the second annual Angel Bootcamp in Boston. It brought many of the best and brightest investors out to share their knowledge and experience on angel investing.  It also brought out quite a few great entrepreneurs as this year's move to the Tang center allowed for more attendees than the previous year.  Many notables like Bijan, Dharmesh, and Ty Danco shared their thoughts on Angel investing. I'd like to share a few of the key takeaways I saw.

TiE Angels Boston

General Information
76 Blanchard Road Burlington, MA 01803
TiE Angels is an angel investment group organized by TiE-Boston.

10 People Making Boston's Startup Ecosystem Stronger

There's been ongoing discussion the past few weeks about what's working and what's not in our ecosystem as well as plenty of "Valley envy."  But for all the fuss, I think we forget about how far we've come in the last year and more importantly, the people that are making many of the greatest things in our community possible through their efforts.  Below, you'll find ten people/groups that you need to know because they're the people behind making things happen. {Please add anyone you think we missed in the comments.}

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