Bentley Microfinance Group

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Bentley University, Waltham MA 02482
Bentley Microfinance Group targets lending to local entrepreneurs in the Greater Boston area who have found the traditional means of accessing capital closed to them.

Second & Fourth

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Greater Boston Area
Second & Fourth is an angel/seed stage group located in the greater Boston area founded by seasoned start up & former Facebook executives Steve King & PJ Solomon.

Boston University School of Management Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurial Leadership Program

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Boston University School of Management Executive Leadership Center 595 Commonwealth Avenue - 4th Floor Boston, MA
An intensive & specialized graduate program designed for motivated entrepreneurs. World-renowned business school faculty & industry experts will help you develop an investment-grade plan.
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Does Boston Have Too Many Startups? A response to Kirsner’s Sunday Globe Article

In the Sunday Globe this week, Scott Kirsner posed the question, "Does Boston Have Too Many Startups?"  The article seemed to try to make the argument that all our little startups should just be employees at bigger startups (disregarding how bigger startups, start out...).

The article is really best summed up in the quote in the article by Craig Driscoll, "companies that hope to grow need to do more than complain about how tight the talent market is." I find it fitting that coincidentally, Ryan Durkin, COO of CampusLive (and mentee of Mr. Driscoll as a Highland Capital portfolio company) writes about attracting talent today.

I've spoken with a number of friends about the article and had some interesting Twitter conversations as well and wanted to highlight some of the key points that came from them.  (Note: Kirsner sought out some thoughts which you can see on his Globe blog here.)


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Boston, MA
EdTechup brings together leaders in education and entrepreneurship who are interested in community building, idea sharing, and fostering better learning through technology.

Is Boston the Rodney Dangerfield of Startup Ecosystems?

Watching the startup world evolve over the past couple of years, I've noticed an interesting trend.  Despite all our improvements and changes over this time, New York has drawn most of the attention after the omnipresent Silicon Valley. Like the entertaining comedian of the '80s and '90s, it seems we've become akin to Rodney Dangerfield (best known for his standup and role in Caddyshack): we get no respect.

Bridges to Business: Support for Entrepreneurs

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One Milk Street, Boston, MA 02109
Bridges to Business provides holistic support to entrepreneurs across a variety of industries. Our on strategy, sales, and marketing projects.
Free for qualifying applicants

How Do You Get Back on the Customer Development Horse?

It happens to us all. Your startup is cruising along, or at least you're really busy running in a million directions. Maybe you've also got pulled away with some personal issues like selling your home, caring for children or relationship challenges. No matter what the cause, you get away from the most important thing: Getting outside the building and talking to customers.

So knowing that you have dropped the ball and need to pick it up again, what do you do? How do you get back on the customer development horse?

Greenhorn Weekly Countdown: July 24 - July 30

 After an awsome party thrown by Jennifer Lum, the Boston startup scene will continue to boogie through the summer. Keep up the energy with this upcoming week. We have over 27 networking events and startup office hours planned for this week. So get on your dancing shoes and keep the party going! 

The Boston Startup Guide - Part II: Finding Mentors

We all get them. Those emails that make you cringe, just a little.  Some brand new entrepreneur emails you for help. You're busy and you're not sure you're the right person to help. They seem like they lack even some of the most basic knowledge to get started.  But they're asking you for help...probably hoping for a meeting or maybe an intro to a trusted contact.

In Boston, we have a habit of just wanting to click the delete button on such messages, or simply declining citing a desire to "focus on my startup" right now or just not being "the right person." We can do better than that. If you really can't take the meeting, let's leave each of these new entrepreneurs pointed in the right direction. The Boston Startup Guide is here to help you do that. 

In Part II, we're covering what to do when a new entrepreneur is looking for mentors and you can't help them yourself.  There are great things you can point them to and we're going to share them with you so you can copy and paste them in your next message, so you can say still help them even if you can't take that meeting. 

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