What To Do In College To Prepare To Be An Entrepreneur

Thanks to all the press embracing technology, the movie the Social Network and the emergence of the consumer web and mobile apps, entrepreneurship is in the spotlight again. With that comes the interest and excitement of students in college. You can see it on all the campuses around Boston as seemingly every school has an entrepreneurship club, a startup mentoring program and hackfests. These programs do everything from inspiring new entrepreneurs to coaching them through their first venture.

The problem is, the odds of you being the next Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Clerico, or Aaron Levie is statistically insignificant.  What's more likely is that you can lay a foundation in college for an amazing career as an entrepreneur that later in life becomes a successful founder. Here's a few tips for making the most of college to prepare for being a great entrepreneur.

Event Recap: Developers Developers Developers Developers aka d8event is a Hit!

This weekend hundreds of students descended upon Microsoft NERD to learn about the latest web technologies for both development and design as well as what makes startups a great place to work. The first floor conference area was standing room only as students from 57 different New England schools eagerly listened and learned from great web experts like Dharmesh Shah, Angus Davis, John Resig, and Annie Wang.  It was a lot of fun to put on the event and I picked up a few things watching the talks. I'd like to share some highlights and lessons learned from the event.

Tim Chae: Make New Friends

 Chances are, if you are reading this post, you are interested in YCombinator/TechStars,  you follow guys like Fred Wilson and Dave McClure amongst many others on Twitter, and you religiously read TechCrunch as you simultaneously envision the day TC writes about you and your startup.

Now, look around you.  Are you surrounded by like-minded peers or are you alone?

Founder's Friday: EqualApp

Who are the faces behind a company? How did the company get started? These are common question you may have about startups you see and hear about. If you don't get a chance to personally meet the founders, you're unlikely to ever know their story. That's what Founder Fridays is all about.

This week we have Marc Zawel, Co-Founder and CEO of EqualApp, an online resource system that will change the way high school students get counseling for college.

10 Reasons You Should Start Your First Company in College

College is a time for growing up, trying new things and learning many of life’s lessons both inside and out of the classroom.  Your plate may already seem full with all your courses and extracurriculars, but it’s really the best time to start your first business.  There are quite a few distinct advantages to doing so, and so I’d like to highlight a few here.


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