TechSandBox: Accelerating Sci-Tech Innovation in MetroWest

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337 Turnpike Road Southborough, MA 01772 (Rt. 9W)
Tired of the dog barking and meeting clients at a coffee shop? As a Resident Member, you get a workspace, wi-fi, professional meeting space & access to pro bono advisors and discounted admissions.
$195/mo. co-working bullpen or $195/yr. general member

Boston Startup School

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290 Congress St Boston, MA 02210
Boston Startup School is a professional accelerator for recent college graduates, career changers, and entrepreneurs who are seeking entry into the startup world.

Dear Freshman: Don't take that startup job.

I’ve recently been asked by a couple different incoming college students on the best ways to get involved with the tech scene. They both had short and long term goals combined with a passion for tech startups. If they keep it up they’ll be prime targets for internship and full time positions with Boston area startups soon. But when they asked me about joining a startup now or in the Fall I told them what some people would hate me for saying...

“Don’t do it.”

Dr. Hacklove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Tech


As a self-proclaimed business guy I believed I would much sooner run a marathon than have anything to do with a hackathon. However, as life runs on a mysterious course… I found myself Saturday sitting in front of 150 eager developers and designers, running the show for AngelHack Boston. Having barely passed the CSS Styles portion of the 1 week web-design portion of my college education, it is safe to say I felt a bit out of touch with the target market and the challenge. But, after learning from 48 hours of pure hacking, here are three tips to leading a successful hack that you can be proud of:

Joe Faris: How to Negotiate your Equity Compensation in VC-Backed Startups

joe faris, negotiating salary,
In our work at venture-backed startups, we are amazed at how hard new employees will negotiate pay, benefits, workspace, duties, titles, etc. and just totally accept their equity compensation.
So, we have prepared six questions that will make you look really smart and help you understand your equity compensation. It may also make you a lot richer when your Company is acquired.

6 Reasons to be Excited About Boston this Spring

Can you feel it? There's a real buzz in the air coming together around some of the amazing things happening in the Boston startup scene these days. We've had a lot of cool things happening over the last year or so, but now there's just an incredible amount that seems to be all happening in a short amount of time.  To put it in perspective, here's 6 Reasons to Be Excited About Boston this Spring.

GreenhornTV Top Boston Startup Events Weekly Countdown #66: April 3rd - 9th

 Baseball season just started again, signaling the end of a very long winter here in Boston! Although we had a freak storm last week, things should be slowly warming up, making it easier to go to all of the great startup networking events and office hours happening every day. This week shows that April means business, with over 40 networking events and office hours scheduled. 

Looking For Your Next Job?

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to help a few of my peers and friends look for their next job. Some have been extremely successful while others have had a REALLY hard time finding something that they are passionate and excited to join. Here are a few guidelines to improve your method of finding the next venture to get involved with.


Knowing The Questions You Will Need To Answer When Speaking To An Investor

Wouldn’t it be nice to know the question that you’re going to be asked on your interview, test, or even by your girlfriend? Well I cant help you there, but here is a list of different categories and questions that you should be able to answer when asking for money.

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