Digital Media Circle Event: Can the Networks Deliver?

Free for Digital Media Circle Members, $10 Forum Members, $30 non-members
MIT Tang Center 70 Memorial Drive Cambridge, MA 02139

We’ve seen an explosion of devices to help the delivery of content  – HD and 3D TV, tablets and smartphones, in car content delivery, even kitchen appliances. And we’re learning of new content applications including 3D, interactive, the “Internet of Things”, and human-machine interface. These applications are being built today.

All of these new applications depend upon the delivery of information over a network, and maybe that’s a problem. Today’s Internet is serves many applications – some better than others – over a single infrastructure. Will that still work for applications that may require guaranteed delivery in both (multiple?) directions to work? And, there are purpose-built networks out there – think satellite for broadcast television, or the wireless networks used for public safety communications. Will we see a proliferation of purpose built networks for specific new applications including interactive 3D, RFID, or Games specific applications. What’s the shelf life of Internet Protocol (IP) based networks, and what is its replacement?

Join us in February for a discussion of networks and how they must change to meet next generation applications.


Rick Fulop, General Partner, North Bridge Venture Partners


Roy Russell, former CTO of Zipcar and current CTO of Buzzcar

Kristofer Alexander ,Chief Strategist, Connected Devices & Gaming. Akamai