Halloween HTML5 Game Project Night

Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) - 5th Floor - Havana Room


We're having a special second October event - a Project Night to let you hack on your HTML5 Game among the company of other developers.

There will be plenty of candy and refreshments to keep with the holiday theme, but this is a general project night where you can hack anything you're working on.

Please RSVP so you can make it by security.

We'll have food and drinks sponsored By: Mod IT

Mod It is a Cambridge-based start-up that seeks to make HTML5 games the next medium of mass self-expression.  We've developed a browser-based IDE and portal that accelerates development by opening every game up to modification, personalization, and iteration by the players.  Modit is currently in private beta and looking to open up our platform to the public over the next couple of months.

If you would like to learn more about Modit, please email: