Class - Design Psychology: Motivate Your User

Location: Campus 500 Harrison Ave Boston, MA 02118


Instructor: Amy Bucher

It doesn't matter what your product is; your goal is to motivate a user to DO something, whether it's to click a button, commit to a healthy habit, or enter credit card information.

This course will provide an overview of a motivational theory called Self Determination Theory that helps us understand what drives the user to take action. We'll specifically discuss how this theory can be applied to the design of a web product, using best practices from the video gaming and health and wellness industries.

What You'll Learn:  

  • Motivating designs offer the user a sense of competency, autonomy, and social relatedness.
  • Clever designs can guide users to target behaviors you (they'll think it was all their own idea!) 
  • Feedback on the user's actions is the single most critical feature of a motivating design.