Class - Hiring and Leading a Superpowered Team

Location: Campus 500 Harrison Ave Boston, MA 02118


Instructor: Nick Ducoff 

With the right hiring strategy and leadership tactics, anyone is capable of creating and leading a superpowered team that can crush any goal imaginable. In this class, you'll learn hiring secrets to identify the most-adaptable, flexible individuals and get educated on development theories to assemble a team with diverse, complementary skillsets. Hiring the right people is only half the battle, so you'll also learn simple management techniques you can use to continually keep your team motivated, inspired, and running at, up and over the next challenge on the horizon. This class is perfect for any directors, managers, or company founders. 
You'll Learn:
  • How to hire T-shaped A-players that form a circle of competence
  • How to fearlessly lead that team to victory in the face of uncertainty
  • How to manage the day-to-day in a way that your team will celebrate