NFC Circle Event: Mobile Wallet Wars and Warriors

MIT Stata Center, Kirsch Auditorium Room 32-123 32 Vassar Street Cambridge, MA 02139

and TAPPED: The NFC Accelerator Hackathon Grand Prize Award Ceremony

The NFC Circle event will start off with a review of hackathon winners from across the TAPPED tour, followed by the grand prize announcement. The all-TAPPED tour grand prize winning app will win more than just prizes and glory: an automatic finalist entry into WIMA NFC USA’s Verizon App Challenge.

The ceremony presentation will be followed by a lively discussion between some of the retail industry’s leading NFC actors. The main topic will be the transition from pilot trials into full commercial rollouts of mobile wallets.

Just about everyone in the NFC space has or plans to release a mobile wallet for one big reason  – control of the consumer. But how many wallets can a consumer have or will they want? How many wallets can or will a merchant want to support? And what do both of these big stakeholders do while this is all being sorted? And what is the role of other key stakeholders like mobile operators, bank issuers and payments networks?

Our panel consists of the most important mobile wallet warriors who are on the front lines of this very exciting commerce battleground where the winner could really “take all.”  They’ll speak openly about what they are doing, how merchants and consumers are responding, and where they see all of this ending up.

Jed Rice, VP of Business Development, Paydiant

Sarab Sokhey, Executive Advisor, Verizon

Toni Stinton, Director Strategic accounts, PayPal

John Squire, CMO, CorFire

Prat Vemana, Director Velocity Lab and Mobile, Staples

Mung Ki Woo, Head of Mobile, MasterCard


Karen Webster, CEO Market Platform Dynamics and Editor in Chief,