Probabilistic Programming with Scala

MIT Stata Center - Star Room - 32 Vassar Street, Star Room on 4th Floor - Cambridge, MA 02139
For full details, including the address, and to RSVP see: ht tp:// Full title: Democrati zing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: Probabilistic Programmin g with Scala Speaker: Brian Ruttenberg Abstract: Probabilistic mod els form the foundation of modern ML and AI. However, building and using m odels that represent large and complex scenarios is a daunting task for eve n the most expert and experienced programmers. As a result, there has beensignificant effort lately on the development of probabilistic programming languages, enabling probabilistic processes and algorithms to be specifiedusing programming language constructs. These languages allow users to quic kly and easily construct probabilistic models with little ML and AI experi ence. In this talk, I will discuss Figaro, an open source, Scala -based probabilistic programming language. I will focus mostly on how to us e the language, how it is integrated with Scala, why we chose Scala as th e base language, and present some examples of what one can do with Figaro.Experience in ML and AI should not be necessary to follow the talk.