PyCon on the Charles, part 2

Microsoft New England Research & Development Center (NERD) - One Memorial Drive, Suite 100 - Cambridge, MA 02142
For full details, including the address, and to RSVP see: ht tp:// In preparation for their p resentations at PyCon US, Ned, David, and James will rehearse with us! T hanks to Arista Networks and ZEFR for sponsoring the evening. Ned Batche lder: Loop like a native Python provides powerful primitives for iterati ng over your data in ways that let you express yourself clearly and directl y. But even programmers familiar with the tools don't use them as fully as they could. This talk will cover Python's iteration tools, from basic loop s to generators and how to add iteration to your own classes. Come learn ho w looping was meant to be! David Malcolm: Death by a thousand leaks: wha t statically-analysing 370 Python extensions looks like What happens whe n you run a custom C static analysis tool ("cpychecker") on hundreds of Pyt hon extensions? I'll talk about the kinds of errors that my tool found, ho w to run it on your own code, and how to prevent memory leaks and crasher bugs in the C code of your Python extension modules. James Tauber: MusicTheory and Performance Analysis with Sebastian and Czerny This talk wil l discuss two open source projects for using Python for music analysis. Seb astian focuses on music theory while Czerny focuses on performance (particu larly keyboard playing).