Apply to the WPI Venture Forum 5 Minute Pitch Contest by April 30!

The Pitch Contest has become an integral part of the Venture Forum’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and the growth of technology-based businesses, and is designed to generate investment interest for participating entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs contemplating, starting, running or operating early-stage technology ventures are invited to apply.




Applications are collected online. The deadline is April 30, 2012.  Please fill in the application form.

Process / Guidelines

The Pitch Contest consists of two rounds of selection.  In the first round, applications are evaluated anonymously by a group of area business leaders.  Ten finalists will be selected from among the applicants and invited to compete at the Venture Forum’s final meeting of the season, scheduled for 5:30 on June 12, 2012. 

In the final round, each company will be given five minutes to pitch their business to a panel of expert judges and the Forum’s audience who will evaluate the entrepreneur’s presentation skills and overall performance. Each presentation will be followed by a two minute open discussion between the judges and the entrepreneur.  The judges will then rate each business and the audience will do the same.  Once all the pitches are complete, the judges will select the winner of the top prize in a brief and closed deliberation.  An audience prize will be awarded based on the voting results.

In both rounds of the Pitch Contest, companies will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Business model: How the business generates revenue and profit.
  • Innovation: How innovation is applied in the business (e.g., the technology associated with the product/service, how a product/service is marketed).
  • Market opportunity: The size of the market, the ability of the company to capture market share and generate profit out of the market share.
  • Competitive advantage: What allows the company to compete successfully in the market place (e.g., Value Proposition, IP strategy). 
  • Leadership Team: The quality, breadth and experience of the team (management, advisory board, etc.).