Loved RamenCamp? Want your own "Revenue - Expenses = Ramen" Shirt? Get one now!

In May 2011, Josh Bob, Jeff Seibert, Kabir Hemrajani and Jason Evanish teamed up to bring you RamenCamp: a day celebrating and educating you on the art of bootstrapping.  One of the highlights of the day were the shirts attendees received which featured the simple equation: Revenue - Expenses = Ramen.  

Introducing the New, Improved GHC Job Board & Our Latest Success Story!

You come to Greenhorn Connect to find the events to check out this week, find resources as your startup develops and hire or find your next great job.  We're pleased to announce a major update to our job board that makes it much easier to learn about all the great jobs.  

Apply to be a Sponsored *Student* at the MassTLC UnConference!

The MassTLC UnConference is the biggest event in Boston's startup community. Each year hundreds of founders, investors, early stage employees and other community members gather to share knowledge and mentor the next generation of leaders.  

This year you have two options as a student: