Propel Careers

General Information
Boston, MA

Career development is critical to building the next generation of successful entrepreneurs. While many opportunities exist in our educational system for students to gain technical skills, there is a great need for opportunities that provide real world experiences through internships and mentoring.


The mission of Propel Careers is to cultivate talent to produce the next generation of successful leaders and entrepreneurs.  This will be done through connecting students with companies for value added internships and through mentoring.   Mentoring students is a cornerstone of our advantage.  This benefits both the student and the companies and provides the mentors an opportunity to lend guidance. 

We will assess the specific needs of companies interested in interns and will match talented students based upon their needs.  We will develop a personal network with potential interns and host companies to facilitate the matching process.  Our personal relationship with each intern will assist in identifying interns with the relevant skills needed for each internship.  We focus on long-term potential, thereby meeting and exceeding the expectations of the companies and students we work with.