Umass Boston VDC (Venture Development Center)

General Information
Boston, MA
$1,250/mo for 2 people

* The Venture Development Center is a managed incubator designed to meet the needs of business, university, and student entrepreneurs with early stage and emerging ventures. We offer best-in-class business mentoring, interns, connections and state-of-the-art facilities.

* Our Entrepreneur in Residence who provides one to one mentoring is a 25 year veteran of venture capital backed start-up companies. Business mentoring is focused on getting to market and investment. At the VDC, entrepreneurs accelerate time to investment and markets, while keeping costs to a minimum and enjoying a convenient location overlooking the harbor islands.

* Most of our incubator residents are growing companies in life science, social impact and high tech.


Student Internship Opportunities:


* Through our student entrepreneurship program, UMass students work side by side with entrepreneurs on product development , marketing, sales, information technology and finance teams; learn about the commercialization, venture capital, and entrepreneurship; and build a network of technology industry executives and investors. Some of these internships are located in the VDC. Others are located at venture-backed start-up firms in the region through our special arrangement with leading venture capital firms.

* The Venture Development Center places 30 UMass students each year in venture-backed start-up companies. Sixty percent of graduates receive full-time positions.


Workspace Information:

* If you are just getting started, you may only need a professional location for occasional business meetings. When you are ready to make a full time commitment, you may choose your own desk in our coworkspace, or your own private office. A larger technical team is easily served in one of the dry or wet labs. You can double your space as your requirements change, since the labs are configurable into suites.


* All of the options feature the savings of no long-term lease, no full-time admin staffing costs and no need to build out infrastructure or buy furnishings or equipment – just professional ready-to-use workspace available on a month to month basis with shared business services. Companies may stay up to three years.



Cost: All-inclusive, month to month package features one to one business mentoring, screened interns, connections, workspace and business services. A private office for two persons is $1,250 per month. We do not accept equity.


Private Office

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New Workspace Options

If you need a full service desk and prefer to work in a shared space, we offer two options - part-time is $250 per month, full-time is $500 per month. No matter what workspace option you select, our mentoring service is included. You will also benefit from daily interaction with other companies participating in our program, and the investors, advisors and partners that visit.

For meetings, you may use one of five open soft seating areas each accommodating up to four persons. Or you may schedule use of the three meeting rooms accommodating between six and twenty-two persons.