Greenhorn Student & Startup Dinners

Understanding the importance of leveraging Boston’s unique entrepreneurial ecosystem for both students and startups, Greenhorn Connect and these colleges and universities – Babson, Tufts, Wentworth, Boston University, Northeastern, Brandeis, UMASS and Suffolk –  have teamed up to create semesterly invitation-only student dinners.
During this unique opportunity, startups will be able to share their invaluable experience and advice with students. An evening of fine dinning and stimulating conversation, Greenhorn dinners give students the opportunity to access all they need to know about the startup scene in Boston from an insider’s perspective, and startups get access to the next wave of entrepreneurs.

Join us for the next dinner in Fall 2016! More information coming soon.

“Other than the delicious food that my school paid for, my favorite part was meeting new people that I would have never met if it wasn’t for this AMAZING event! Learned a lot from the entrepreneurs as well as each student!”

“What an amazing group of students. I was so impressed by the backgrounds and ideas present in the room. It made me feel good about the future of our economy.”

“Great experience, one of the rare times I was able to get exposure to students from other campuses. Definitely a strong need in the Boston area, despite having so many schools in area it seems they rarely come together to network and grow together.”

“It was good. I met and spoke with many cool young people. It was one of the better networking events I’ve attended.”

“Awesome spread of companies both in size and in industry focus. Really strong split between B2C and B2B companies, also a few of the firms had actual physical products which is awesome!”

Who Should Attend the Dinners

Six students -graduate and undergraduate students of any major- from each of the participating universities will be picked to attend the dinners. To attend simply fill out the application below. The dinners are geared for students that are starting their own company, interested in working/interning for a startup, or just generally interested in the Boston ecosystem.

How to Attend the Dinners

If you are interested in attending the dinner, simply fill out the application below. If you are selected we will email you one to two weeks before the dinner to let you know if you have been selected. You will then need to confirm your spot. These dinners are popular, we want to make sure every confirmed applicant attends!

Cost of the Dinners

It’s FREE! The Greenhorn Student Dinners are free for students. Please give a BIG thank you to the sponsoring organization at your school for making this possible.

Startups – Sign Up to Attend Interested in dinning with Boston’s best and brightest student population?

See how your company can participate in the Greenhorn Student Dinner. Click Here

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