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Be a Connector

Greenhorn’s mission is to build a stronger student startup community in Boston. In order to fulfill this mission, it’s essential that Greenhorn is constantly in tune with the needs and desires of the student communities throughout the Boston area. The Greenhorn Connectors are a network of student leaders who act as the student startup voice of the college they attend. The role of the connector is to keep the student communities up-to-date on the latest happenings in the Boston startup community and help them get involved in innovative opportunities that are thriving around Boston.

What the Connectors do:

  • Attend startup events on behalf of Greenhorn
  • Promote startup events on their campus
  • Work with Greenhorn to improve the student-startup relationship
  • Represent their school’s voice to the Boston startup community


Benefits of being a Connector:

  • Will become an expert in all things startup in Boston
  • Will have ample opportunities to form genuine connections with leaders of the Boston startup community
  • Be able to attend exclusive startup events

The ideal Connector is:

  • Generous in helping others
  • Self-reliant
  • Friendly, smart, and authentically ambitious
  • Connected on his/her campus to various entrepreneur groups and organizations
  • Excited to be a part of the Boston startup community



  • One hour of logistical work per week during the school year, promoting community events
  • Attend one strategy/connectors meeting per semester


Interested in being a Connector? Apply now!

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