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One of Boston’s greatest resources is its talented and diverse student population. The Greenhorn Connectors are a network of student leaders who act as the student startup voice of the college they attend. They keep the student communities up to date on the latest happenings in the Boston startup community and help them get involved in innovative opportunities.


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Meet the Connectors

Babson College

Brian Hickey

Brian Hickey is an undergraduate student at Babson College concentrating on entrepreneurship, marketing and the use of technology to reach new markets. He has diverse experiences that include travel to several European and African countries where he has benefited from unique opportunities to learn from and interact with business leaders. A long time cross country and track runner, Brian also enjoys trying new adventures like skydiving or hang-gliding. He has been able to obtain valuable experience from his work with large and small businesses and international studies at the London School of Economics. He welcomes hearing from others who share his passion for solving business challenges with creativity, enthusiasm, and energy.

Bentley University

Sathya Peri

Sathya is an undergraduate at Bentley University studying finance and marketing. He is working with Bentley Venture and Private Equity Club to launch an incubator at Bentley University. Apart from school he has been growing his prescense on Twitter @gosathya, as well as, helping a few companies with their strategy. He loves techonolgy and the dense Boston startup scene.

Boston College

Paul Hillen

Paul is a senior at Boston College from Plymouth, MN. His majors are marketing and information systems with a minor in philosophy. He currently chairs the Boston College Venture Competition ( He has held various marketing internship roles at Box, Square, Jebbit, Periscope, and Good Leadership Enterprises

Boston University

Gabriel de Selding

Gabriel de Selding is an undergraduate student at Boston University studying business and is particularly interested in Entrepreneurship and Law. Originally From Paris, France, he has developed a strong interest in the startup world and community building since his arrival in Boston. He founded and is president of the BU Venture Accelerator and has worked with several BU startups. He also enjoys the tech scene and problem solving.

Ishita Agrawal

Ishita Agrawal is from Westford, Massachusetts. She is pursuing her undergraduate degree at the School of Management at Boston University. She is planning on concentrating in the areas of Marketing and Entrepreneurship, along with a minor in Economics. Ishita is highly involved in various clubs and organizations at Boston University. She is involved in Entrepreneurship club, Marketing club, Dean’s Host, and in the professional fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi. She is recently keeps acclimated to the start-up scene in Boston, and looks forward to becoming part of the start-up ecosystem!

Justin Lau

Justin Lau is an undergraduate business student from Washington, D.C. with an interest in tech startups, digital media, web design, and web development. He is also passionate about user experience and branding. Justin currently sits on the e-board of Boston University’s Entrepreneurship Club and Digital Media Club, and is a Product Designer at RequestNow – a DJ song request platform.

Cambria Davies

Cambria is a junior in the School of Management concentrating in Marketing and Finance and minoring in Spanish. She loves to bring creative, innovative solutions to work and everyday life. On campus, she’s an active member of Alpha Kappa Psi, a premier professional business fraternity, and she is director of the Entrepreneurship Council. She also manages operations for a student-led consulting group for startups in Boston. Cambria has a range of experiences in e-commerce, SEO, content marketing, social media, and business development.

Harvard University

Hikari Senju

Hikari Senju is an undergraduate student at Harvard University. He is involved in several tech startups including Beat Communication Co. (the largest provider of social networking packages in Japan) and reachRISE (an online marketing company based in Cambridge). At Harvard he is on the board of Harvard College Venture Partners, as well as a member of HackHarvard. He is also part of the Harvard University’s Digital Archive of Japan’s 2011 Disasters Project.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Bruno Faviero

Bruno Faviero is an avid coder and is passionate about entrepreneurship and helping entrepreneurs succeed. He is currently a senior studying Computer Science and Engineering at MIT, a Managing Partner of Dorm Room Fund Boston, and a Software Engineer Intern at Kensho Technologies focused on mobile development. In his free time, Bruno enjoys playing Ultimate and sailing on the Charles River.

Northeastern University

Matt Bilotti

Matt Bilotti is a fan of clever marketing and loves learning through entrepreneurship. He is currently studying Entrepreneurship at Northeastern, serving as a Managing Partner of Dorm Room Fund Boston, and a executing in his role as Product Specialist at HubSpot. Previously, he was President of the NU Entrepreneurs Club. Matt enjoys taking advantage of opportunities that head his way. In his coming years in Boston he looks forward to continuing to play his part in the entrepreneurial community.

AJ Horst

AJ Horst is a fourth-year student at Northeastern University studying Computer Science and Entrepreneurship. AJ joined the NU Entrepreneurs Club his Freshman year and ran programs aimed at teaching non-technical students how to code. As the current club President, AJ works to make entrepreneurship a part of every student’s growing experience at Northeastern.

Olin College

Madison May

Madison May is a engineering student interested in design and entrepreneurship. Originally from rural Virginia, he moved to the city of Boston to study computer engineering at Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering. He is deeply involved with the Foundry, Olin’s student entrepreneurship organization, and is currently interning at Fetchnotes, a Cambridge based startup.

Dakota Nelson

Dakota Nelson is a student at Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, where he spends his time writing code, building drones, and thinking about computer security. He is on the board of the Foundry, Olin’s student entrepreneurship organization, and is passionate about a wide variety of buzzwords. More details at

Evan Simpson

Evan Simpson is a Senior Undergraduate Engineering student at Olin College from Sacramento, CA. He is currently studying Computer Engineering and loves hacking on fun code projects in his spare time. He currently heads The Foundry at Olin College, the school’s entrepreneurial organization. Evan is a passionate technologist and believes in solving hard problems for the sake of making life easier for anyone.

Suffolk Universtiy

Elizabeth Pelletier

Elizabeth Pelletier is a junior at Suffolk University studying Information Systems and Operations Management as well as Entrepreneurship. She is the president of the Suffolk Entrepreneurs and stays busy with many other organizations at Suffolk University and around Boston. In her free time you can find Elizabeth riding her horse, making jewelry, or getting on a plane to discover more of the world. She looks forward to staying involved with the community.

Tufts University

Nate Hajian

Nate is a senior at Tufts University studying political science. He hails from the great city of Newton, MA. Nate became interested in tech a year ago when he met the guys over at One Mighty Roar/Robin, a product company in Boston. He was their first apprentice and since then he has become passionate about design. Nate is currently working at Facebook in Menlo Park, as a product design intern. Nate is a partner on Dorm Room Fund, investing in his peers and working with existing portfolio companies to help them grow. He has co-founded a company (and a few apps) of his own with friends from Tufts and BU.

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