Frequently Asked Questions

Who can post to Greenhorn Connect?

Greenhorn Connect is a place for you to post any event related to entrepreneurship and the Boston startup community. If you have a question about whether or not your event makes sense to post you can email us

How do I get an account?

Sign up for an account here


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Can I post application deadlines?

Absolutely! Post the open date and the deadline date as two separate events. “Application Opens” and “Application Deadline”. Be sure to select the “Application Deadline” category so that it will show up on our separate Application calendar as well as the general calendar.

How do I get featured in your newsletter?

Each week we send out a newsletter that highlights 1-2 events on each day that entrepreneurs should attend. We also include “Featured Events” that highlight two events.

If you want your event listed as one of the two featured events email us at to learn more about newsletter sponsorship.

Newsletter sponsorship includes a blurb and logo in the newsletter (goes out Monday mornings), as well as a week of social media promotions on our Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and an announcement on the homepage of our website.

The cost of newsletter sponsorship is $150 per week.


What are some best practices for posting?
  • Be sure you fill out all relevant fields when creating an event, the more information you provide the easier it is for people to know if they are interested and how to sign up
  • Use images – If you event has an image, post it!
  • Use the categories -It will make your event easier for others to find.
I submitted my event, when will it get approved?

All events must be approved before being posted. This is mainly to prevent spam and other major errors. Once you hit submit your event is in the queue and will be approved within one business day.

Have more questions? Email for help

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