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Greenhorn Connect’s mission is to help build connections within the Boston entrepreneur ecosystem through increased awareness of opportunities. The web portal connects Boston startups and enthusiasts with the many resources, events and opportunities in the region as well as educational and informational content. The Greenhorn team is passionate about the Boston startup scene and is committed to helping build a more vibrant and integrated startup ecosystem. is your destination for discovering Boston’s innovation community.

Why we built this:

Greenhorn Connect (@GreenhornBoston) is the product of the challenges faced by young entrepreneurs trying to learn from and connect with the resources, organizations and events available in the city of Boston. What you see now is the beginning of our vision for a dynamic site for not just events and organizations in Boston, but additional resources and opportunities tailored for the needs of entrepreneurs everywhere.


This is a community site. Anyone can join and contribute. Please explore the site and consider commenting on an organization you’ve worked with or if you know of something we haven’t listed yet for one of our categories, please add it (we’ve made it quick and easy!). If you have any ideas or feedback for improving the site, please let us know by submitting your thoughts. Thanks!

What is a Greenhorn?

When searching for a name, we wanted to capture the essence of being a young entrepreneur. We heard some call the inexperienced in the community “greenhorns” and were intrigued. When we looked at the definition, it made perfect sense:

A newcomer, especially one who is unfamiliar with the ways of a place or group.

Our mission is to deliver relevant content to entrepreneurs and help channel the energy and enthusiasm of greenhorns, so that they can more quickly and efficiently pursue their entrepreneurial goals.

Developed by young entrepreneurs, this site has resources and content for all entrepreneurs, but is focused on our fellow greenhorns.

From Greenhorn Co-Founder Jason Evanish’s post on August 4, 2014:

In 2009, Ashkan Afkhami and I were sitting on Northeastern’s campus talking about Boston’s startup community and what could be done to help better organize everything it had to offer.

Not long after that, I found myself at the unConference at Sun Microsystem in Burlington listening to Scott Kirsner and Tim Rowe’s “TurboCharging the Entrepreneurial Culture in Massachusetts” session where they talked about how there needed to be a central place for all the resources and events in Boston’s tech scene. On that day, I nervously raised my hand declaring I wanted to take on that challenge.

That was the day Greenhorn Connect was born.

By 2014, Greenhorn had helped many find jobs, connected thousands with the resources, and been a voice for the community.  Jason is to proud to have been part of making that a reality and honored to have had a great team and community partners help Greenhorn Connect thrive over the years. From the beginning, the goal was for Greenhorn Connect to help organize the Boston tech community and making it easier for newcomers.

in 2015, The Capital Network took over Greenhorn Connect and helped bring universities and community organizations together through dinners, events and meetings. As they grew Greenhorn Connect – so did the resources available in Boston to guide newcomers. It was now easier than ever to find events and groups to connect to and grow with. However – the transition from student to entrepreneur and gaining access to the ecosystem outside of the universities was still lacking. So, in 2019, The Capital Network handed the care of Greenhorn Connect to Innovate@BU to bring the focus back to students and help them navigate the startup world outside their campus. Having Greenhorn Connect run by students and for students, will enable students to become drivers of innovation in their own lives, careers, and local community.

Special Thanks:

We would like to thank those that helped us get to where we are now:

  • Thanks to Scott Kirsner and Tim Rowe for holding the “Turbocharging” session at the MassTLC unConference and pushing to have the information available and editable immediately. Tim also was key in helping find out about many events when he provided the simple, but powerful advice, “follow me on Twitter.”
  • Thanks to Don Dodge and TEDx for putting a list up on their sites that we were able to cross reference with the other lists and material available to us.
  • Thanks to the many other entrepreneurs in the community that have graciously responded to our inquiries regarding their organizations, so that we may properly list them at this site.
  • Thanks to Marie Meslin and Ian Mashiter for transitioning Greenhorn Connect back into the hands of students!
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