Our History

From Greenhorn Co-Founder Jason Evanish’s post on August 4, 2014:

In 2009, Ashkan Afkhami and I were sitting on Northeastern’s campus talking about Boston’s startup community and what could be done to help better organize everything it had to offer.

Not long after that, I found myself at the unConference at Sun Microsystem in Burlington listening to Scott Kirsner and Tim Rowe’s “TurboCharging the Entrepreneurial Culture in Massachusetts” session where they talked about how there needed to be a central place for all the resources and events in Boston’s tech scene. On that day, I nervously raised my hand declaring I wanted to take on that challenge.

That was the day Greenhorn Connect was born.

These last 5 years have been amazing. We’ve seen so much growth in the ecosystem and played a small part in making it better. We’ve helped many find jobs, connected thousands with the resources they need, and been a voice for the community.  I’m proud to have been part of making that a reality and honored to have had a great team and community partners help Greenhorn Connect thrive over the years.

From the beginning, I had the goal of Greenhorn Connect helping organize the Boston tech community and making it easier for newcomers 10 years after its start. Now, after 5 successful years of Greenhorn’s life, I realize that fresh ideas and new, local leadership can take Greenhorn Connect to places in the next 5 years I never could.


On August 4, 2014, The Capital Network adopted Greenhorn Connect.

“TCN has over twenty five years of experience in helping early-stage entrepreneurs get investor-ready.  We see Greenhorn Connect as a community entity and we are its next custodian,” said Sam Hammar, Executive Director, The Capital Network. “The newly formed partnership with Greenhorn Connect will allow TCN to be a part of a startup’s journey from innovation to acquisition. “

For hundreds of years, Boston has been a breeding ground for revolutionary ideas. The areas 330,000 college university students fuel the innovation economy as entrepreneurs and workforce. Using Greenhorn’s established and proven model, TCN will have the ability to connect student entrepreneurs with future investors and employers.

Stay tuned for more updates!



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