Congrats to NEVY Awards 2017 Winners!

May 21, 2017

Congrats to NEVY Awards 2017 Winners!

May 21, 2017

This week we are featuring the winners of the NEVY Awards 2017. Read up about them below!

Here are all the winners of the NEVY Awards 2017: 

Technology Category:

  • Hottest Early Stage Startup: nuTonomy
  • Next Pillar Tech Company: Turbonomic
  • Cleantech Company of the Year: Sense
  • Angel of the Year: Joe Caruso
  • Fund of the Year: Highland Capital Partners
  • Entrepreneur of the Year: Ric Fulop, Desktop Metal
  • Rising Star VC: Juan Luis Leung-Li, General Catalyst
  • Rising Star Entrepreneur: Liz Powers, ArtLifting

Healthcare & Life Sciences Category:

  • Hottest StartupTherapeutics: Magenta Therapeutics
  • Hottest Startup – Tools & Tech: 3Derm
  • Deal of the Year: Jounce Therapeutics, Inc.
  • Rising Star VC: Michael Gladstone, Atlas Venture
  • Exit of the Year: Nimbus Apollo
  • Digital Health Company of the Year: Rest Devices
  • Fund of the Year: Third Rock Ventures
  • Entrepreneur of the Year: Kurt Graves, Intarcia Therapeutics

Hottest Early Stage Startup
Technology Category Winner
nuTonomy is a self-driving car company that focuses on inventing software for self-driving vehicles and autonomous mobile robots.
Hottest Startup Therapeutics
Healthcare and Life Sciences Winner
Magenta is focused on improving the patient experience in transplant medicine, with the goal of bringing this lifesaving procedure to more patients.
Hottest Startup Tools & Tech
Healthcare and Life Sciences Winner
3Derm is a cost-effective, skin imaging system that allows non-dermatologists to take clinical-quality 3D skin images remotely.


Ric Fulop, Desktop Metal– Entrepreneur of the Year







  Liz Powers, ArtLifting Rising Star Entrepreneur

  Kurt Graves, Intarcia Therapeutics – Entrepreneur of the Year- Healthcare & Life Sciences


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