Event Spotlight: TCN’s Venture Fast Track 2018

Jun 17, 2018


Event Spotlight: TCN’s Venture Fast Track 2018

Jun 17, 2018

Attend the Capital Network’s Venture Fast Track: Fundraising Bootcamp for Early Stage Entrepreneurship!

GH: What is The Capital Network?

The Capital Network (TCN) is a non-profit that helps early-stage entrepreneurs navigate the fundraising process. Created by investors for entrepreneurs we create programming that educates founders on key aspects of the fundraising process (cap tables, financial projections, due diligence, term sheets, equity, crowdfunding etc). As most of what we do is taught by investors and key experts we help create a network of potential investors and mentors to help you along the way.

Since we are focused on pre-seed to Series A founders, we work closely with all of the angel groups in the area as well as some of the early-stage VCs. They create programming that stays relevant. Insight from entrepreneurs we serve  is also what feeds into our programming.

Here is more from our ED Marie Meslin on who we are and why there is a need for bringing investors, early-stage founders and other community organisations together.


GH: Tomorrow (6/19) you have your Fast Track, held 3 times a year. What is The Fast Track?

We run the Fast Track for early stage entrepreneurs to focus on seed-stage fundraising. We know fundraising is hard so we put together a full day boot camp that walks early stage entrepreneurs through some of the most important elements of the fundraising process.  

We want entrepreneurs to understand their stage, what this means for fundraising and how to tell their story – not just the story of their idea but the story of their business. We walk  them through a real world example of how an entrepreneur and investor got connected, went through due diligence and negotiations together. This time round it’s Adam, co-founder and CEO of Gravyty – a startup that raised 2 Million last month in their seed round. He will be in conversation with Joan Brooks, one of his investors from LaunchPad Venture Group.

We also invite 30+ investors from the community to come have lunch with the entrepreneurs and make real connections in a more relaxed environment. These investors are active members of the community and want to support entrepreneurs to build – and stay – in Boston.

GH: Who should come to TCN Fast Track?

If you are looking to understand how to raise a seed round and have a company you are building, we are happy to have you. We get a wide range of sectors and entrepreneurs coming through our programs – whether you are tech, social impact, in the life sciences or hardware and consumer products, most of what we teach is applicable to all sectors. From students to 3rd time founders – we support all entrepreneurs.

GH: What does the future hold for The Capital Network?

We’re excited to be building out our community programming and our membership programming to be more comprehensive on the various aspects of fundraising.We’ve introduced workshops that help entrepreneurs build 12 page pitch decks from scratch, and fine tune their storytelling narrative around their business.

We are also growing the ways our members get access to investors – whether that’s through connections we make or through our Pitch Practice with our investor advisors. We also run LaunchPad Venture Groups office hours online through our Launchpad On Demand which is a monthly program free for all.

We have built out our Fellowship for Female Founders as well. We run this fellowship 2-3 a year. We are now looking for more companies and foundations to support this initiative. If you know people looking to support female entrepreneurs accessing funding opportunities send them our way!

We have also built great relationships with the City of Cambridge and Lowell  where grants have been made available for 5 entrepreneurs a year who live/work in those towns  to access our programming for FREE. We hope to extend this opportunity to other towns!

As a women-run non-profit we want to be very intentional in supporting underserved communities and making sure we have representation and faculty that represent who local entrepreneurs are. The mentors for our upcoming Fast Track Mentor Lunch for example are fabulous individuals who represent many aspects and sectors of the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

There are many ways to be engaged with us and keep track of what we do!

Get a membership, check out our fellowship and keep up with us on Twitter and through our newsletter.

Let TCN guide you through the fundraising process. Your future investors will thank you.


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