Resource Spotlight: MassChallenge 2016 Award Ceremony Winners

Nov 6, 2016

Resource Spotlight: MassChallenge 2016 Award Ceremony Winners

Nov 6, 2016

Congrats to all MassChallenge finalists and the winners of the grand prizes! Find the full list of 2016 winners below!


Adhesys Medical– USA – Texas | Healthcare/Life Sciences  – Next generation surgical glues based on polyurethane: Fast, strong flexible and biodegradable it can be used in unprecedented surgeries.
EYL – Korea | High Tech  – Secures Internet of Things with an affordable micro quantum random number generator using radioisotope to replace less secure software.
TellusLabs – USA – Massachusetts | General  – Applied science company that turns satellite imagery and other Earth data into the basis for better decisions.



Analytical Space – USA – Massachusetts | General – In-orbit data relay service that enables satellite operators to increase data throughput at a lower cost per GB with no hardware changes.
TapLink – USA – Massachusetts | High Tech  -TapLink’s technology, called “blind hashing” is a completely new way to secure passwords, and protect customer data.




3DFortify – USA – Massachusetts | High Tech  – Materials company that uses patented magnetic alignment technology to create the most complex composites to date.
BeautyLynk – USA – Massachusetts | High Tech – Software solution company for the beauty industry.
BrainRobotics – USA – Massachusetts | Healthcare/Life Sciences – With brainwave controlled robotic prosthesis, BrainRobotics brings the control back to you and empowers you to live life to the fullest.
CoolComposites – USA – Massachusetts | Energy/Clean Tech  – Uses materials chemistry to make buildings more energy efficient without making them more expensive.
Joulez– USA – Massachusetts | Social Impact  – Joulez fuses arts and crafts with electronics to create fun and educational gadgets that inspire girls to get excited about STEM.
RateGravity – USA – Massachusetts | High Tech  – Redefines how consumers finance their homes and delivers lower rates to borrowers through its network of local lenders.
Tranquilo, LLC – USA – Massachusetts | General – Portable soothing mat that calms crying babies in seconds by mimicking the sounds and motions of the womb.
Sea Machines Robotics – USA – Massachusetts | High Tech  – Developing Autonomous Control & Navigation Systems for marine vessels.
Signature Orthodontics – USA – Massachusetts | Healthcare/Life Sciences  – Uses next generation technology to unlock your unique “Signature Smile” faster and more aesthetically than current methods.
Tembo Education – USA – Florida | Social Impact  – Created a Home Educator network using mobile phones to educate children ages 6 and younger living in slums.
 Whole Heart Provisions – USA – Massachusetts | General – Fast-casual, plant-based culinary startup serving delicious, fast, and environmentally conscious food.



AR Spirit – USA – Massachusetts | High Tech  – Brings imagination into real life with a full 3D augmented reality platform via your mobile phone.
Battery Resourcers, LLC – USA – Massachusetts | Energy/Clean Tech  – Recycles spent li-ion battery to directly synthesize new cathode materials, which can be used in new batteries.
Coeo Labs Private Limited – India | Healthcare/Life Sciences  – Medical device company solving unmet clinical needs in emergency and critical care through device interventions.
Electra Vehicles, Inc. – USA – Massachusetts | Energy/Clean Tech  – Planning to bring the electric vehicle market to the next level with innovative power solutions.
Farmer Willie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer – USA – Massachusetts | General – Ginger with soul. Their all natural recipe is the best ginger beer you will ever find.
Luminopia – USA – Massachusetts | Healthcare/Life Sciences – Uses emerging, proprietary virtual reality technology to enhance vision, treat visual disorders, and improve quality of life.
Neuromotion – USA – Massachusetts | Healthcare/Life Sciences  – Digital mental health through mobile bioresponsive videogames.
Polis – USA – Massachusetts | High Tech  – Door-to-door outreach software for solar companies, home improvement groups, cable companies, non-profits and political organizations.
QSM Diagnostics – USA – Massachusetts | Healthcare/Life Sciences – Uses a proprietary instrument-sensor to identify common infectious bacteria in bodily fluids within one minute at the point-of-care.
Solstice– USA – Massachusetts | Social Impact – Grows the market for clean energy by providing community-shared solar power to Americans that cannot install it on their own roof.


CASIS-Boeing Prize for Technology in Space – $500,000

Angiex, Inc.  – USA – Massachusetts | Healthcare/Life Sciences  – Pioneering a vascular therapy for solid tumors. In preclinical studies, an Angiex antibody-drug conjugate regressed solid tumors.
Dover Lifesciences – USA – Massachusetts | Healthcare/Life Sciences – Creating new drugs to treat metabolic and cardiovascular diseases by mimicking favorable genotypes/phenotypes in nature.
LambdaVision, Inc. – USA – Connecticut | Healthcare/Life Sciences  – Developing a protein-based retinal implant to restore vision to the millions blinded by retinal degenerative diseases.
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