Startup Spotlight: Hatch Fenway

Startup Spotlight: Hatch Fenway

December 13, 2015

This week we discuss building communities and co-working spaces for startups with Justin,  Director of Business Development of Hatch Fenway.

GH: What is HATCH?

Justin: Hatch Fenway is a launch pad for scaling companies with disruptive ideas. Think of Hatch as the bridge between a traditional co-working space and a long-term real estate solution for your startup.

GH: What is your name and role there?

Justin: What’s up Boston! My name is Justin Mott, to Hatch members and those familiar, I am best known as J. Mott. I am the Director of Business Development at Hatch, primarily responsible for developing Hatch growth and continuity strategies from internal (i.e.: community management, budgeting, retrofitting, etc.) and external (i.e.: event planning, leasing, ecosystem synergies, etc.) points of view.

GH: What was your Eureka moment: how did Hatch get started?

Justin: Being as I was not apart of the S&A team when the project began last spring, I defer to a quote from Peter Sougarides,Principal at Samuels and Associates.

“Having led The Fenway’s transformation over the last 10 years, we’re extremely focused on what really makes this community work for everyone…What we realized in conversations with growing tech companies is that there is a huge need for this ‘in-between’ offering, and we’re confident that Hatch members will not only thrive during their year or two in this space, but that they’ll become dynamic members of the broader community.”

GH: What stage are you at now?

Justin: Hatch is currently at ~60% capacity with the recent addition of two new membersHer Campus Media and FaceForward. They have joined an illustrious community bolstered by Toast, ShooBx and Appcues. We are working to fill the remaining space with scaling tech and life science companies.


GH: What was an obstacle you had to overcome to build your community?

Justin: We needed to build a community for companies who have traction, but are still scaling up to grow and advance in the mid-market range. The most difficult obstacle was evaluating the companies that could not only benefit from the flexibility offered at Hatch Fenway, but want to live and thrive within a community.

GH: What did you learn from your first members and partners?

Justin: They taught us about the volatility and rapid pace at which startups could grow. They also exposed and and confirmed a Samuels & Associates hunch, that there was a void in real-estate offerings for an innovative scaling company.

GH: What is the Boston ecosystem lacking from your perspective?

Justin: In my humble opinion, the ecosystem is lacking more diverse founding teams. I would love to see more minorities and women on early stage teams. I also want to see more teams, in general, given a chance at bringing their dreams to fruition. Boston has what I call the trifecta that embodies startup culture; talent, funding and ideas. Together we can cultivate a stronger Innovation economy, together we can provoke conversations that matter.

GH: What does Hatch bring to the table?

Justin: Hatch is a tech hub located in The Fenway, a young, vibrant and revitalized neighborhood. Hatch brings a host of on-site amenities, such as The Coop event space, common kitchens, a plethora of conference rooms and the Nest lounge, all located within the historic Landmark Center.

GH: What is the best/worst advice you’ve been given along the way?

Justin: The best advice I was ever given was from my Entrepreneurship professor while at Howard University, Dr. Susan Harmeling, “Know what you don’t know”. The worst advice I was given was to get a stable job. Its 2016, people on average hold 11.7 jobs while exploring their career path, I heard it, but I choose not to listen. Food for thought!

GH: What’s the most exciting thing that happened for Hatch in 2015?

Justin: Besides 2015 being the inaugural year of Hatch, the most exciting thing for Hatch has been the addition of J. Mott. Not to “toot my own horn”, but Hatch now has a dedicated soul leading events, adding new members to the community and building relationships that benefit Hatch Fenway.


GH: What does the future hold for you and for your community?

Justin: The sky is the limit. I am calling out to all influencers to be a part of the community; know someone who needs space? Know people interested in speaking? Know of any cool Inno events that need a venue? Let’s connect! J. Mott, out.

@JusMott @HatchFenway – Inquiries.

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