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Some best practices:

  • Be sure you fill out all relevant fields when creating an event, the more information you provide the easier it is for people to know if they are interested
  • Use the categories! It will make your event easier for others to find.
  • If you are posting an application deadline only post it as an event on the day of the deadline.
  • Once you are finished entering in the information click “Submit” your event will go into the approval queue. Events are typically approved within one business day

If your event could use an extra push, consider putting it in our weekly newsletter. Newsletter sponsorship includes a blurb and logo in the newsletter (goes out Monday mornings), as well as a week of social media promotions on our Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and an announcement on the homepage of our website.

The cost of newsletter sponsorship is $150 per week.

If you are interested in newsletter sponsorship please email team@greenhornconnect.com and we’ll get you all set up!
Let us know how else we can help!

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